Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ritual turtle release

There was a small shop with a plethora of things for sale - Jemma was fascinated with these turtles which are released into open for good fortune - see more below. This was on the side of Hollywood Road - near Butterfly Hollywood.

This is not my test - it is from

The Turtle is an ancient symbol that represents creation, endurance, strength, stability, longevity, fertilityand innocence. The Turtle also provides protection,good fortune , and brings happiness and good omens. 

One of the four Chinese sacred animals (among the dragon, the phoenix, and the unicorn), the ever adapting turtle is a creature of both land and sea and can thrive in any environment.

In Asian myth the turtle represents order and was thought to have created the entire universe from it's body parts. The heavens were formed from the shell, the earth was created from it's body and it's undershell was the underworld. 

But there are complaints regarding the use of the turtles in Chinese Medicine...

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